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Jean-Francois Escoulen

After learning to traditionaly turn cabinetmaking (table legs, style, balusters…) performed in 1972, Jean-François Escoulen is moving gradually towards the creation of unique pieces. His mastery of thin turning and eccentric turning led him to share his knowledge around the world. His encounters with turners of different countries gave him the opportunity to refine techniques and creations.

Since 2010, building on his experience and his national and international reputation, Jean-François Escoulen and his wife Monique Escoulen, cabinetmaker, joined to the municipality at Aiguines to start make the Jean-Francois-Escoulen woodturning school, school whose Jean-François was the main teacher and the director till Frebruary 2016.

Box by Jean-Francois Escoulen


Olive wood
6.25”h x 3.5”w x 3.25”d