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Michael Brolly

Michael Brolly is a woodturning artist from Philadelphia, PA whose lathe turned objects have gone on exhibit all over the country and the world. Recently, his mid-career retrospective exhibits "Cradle to Cradle" and "Serious Play" have toured the country highlighting this woodturner's unique turning style which has evolved from carving and texturing to sandblasting.

“I didn’t start getting accepted into shows until I started putting weird names on my work,” he said, “starting with ‘Mother/Daughter: Hunter/Prey,’ which was in ITOS in 1981. The strange names helped. I started getting invitations to other shows.” Clearly, it was not just the names that were strange. A later incarnation, called ‘Mother/Daughter: Hunter/Prey II’ actually looks just as good, though quite different, when posed upside-down. “Mother/Daughter helped me get discovered, and was very exciting to me personally.” Michael said.

Mother and Daughter by Michael Brolly

Mother and Daughter

Mahogany, Walnut, PC, Maple
12.5”h x 21”w x 5”d