Xylem Gallery

Michael Shuler

The open vessel form now expresses the aesthetic of my body of work. These forms are grouped in two parts. One is ‘segmented’ and the other is ‘organica’. All are lathe-turned vessels. The segmented vessels are made of hundreds or thousands of slender precisely cut mostly exotic hardwoods which form intense and intricate patterns. No paints, pigments or stains of any kind are used, except in the maple bowls where the glue is tinted red. Otherwise, all colors are the natural color of the species. A large segmented bowl may consist of as many as 5,000 segments of wood and the smaller bowls up to 2,000 segments.

The organica are vessels formed from natural objects such as pinecones, blossoms such as protea or banksia, thistles, artichokes and other vegetative forms. The vessel is created through a subtractive process involving resin impregnation and the lathe to reveal a beauty within the form usually hidden from view.

Segmented Bowl #303 by Michael Shuler

"Segmented Bowl" #303 (1998)

Brazilian Rosewood
4.75"h x 12"d


Segmented Bowl #756 by Michael Shuler

"Segmented Bowl" #756 (1994)

2.75"h x 4.25"w

Segmented Bowl #298 by Michael Shuler

"Segmented Bowl" #298

1.5"h x 4.5"w