Xylem Gallery

Peter Hromek

Peter Hromek was an apprentice as a fine mechanic, studied mechanical engineering, but the material wood was to be his life.

First as a guitar builder, later as a turner of artful vessels, Peter explores the limits of what is feasible and creates impressive pieces, which are appreciated today by collectors worldwide. In addition to free, artistic works, he developed his mills, which, due to their form and function, also satisfy the most demanding.

Vases and bowls from the hand of Peter are inspired by nature: poetry in wood. With this, these pieces conquered galleries around the world! The artist gives insights into his special way of working in courses and symposia.


Nest by Peter Hromek


6"h x 6"w x 12"d


Venus by Peter Hromek


Box Elder
12" high

Küssmich (Kiss me) by Peter Hromek

Küssmich (Kiss Me)

Maple, partly colored
14" wide


Nest II by Peter Hromek

Nest II

Maple, partly colored
17" wide