Xylem Gallery

Ron Fleming

Working in wood is formidable. It is the "aliveness" of the wood that translates back to me. It has warmth and a certain life form that seems to live on. The wood guides me through each curve and depth. It tells me it's name and before I am finished, it has let me touch it's soul. It is a terrifying pleasure to work in wood. To impact my concepts of man upon a surface is to leave my fingerprint in time. From the mind to the hand to the form – it is personal because it is about the passion I can convey.

Isopod by Ron Fleming


Maple, mahogany, and acrylics
22" h x 11" w x 5.5" d

Silver Queen by Ron Fleming

Silver Queen

Redwood Lace burl
19" h x 15" d

Dark Moons by Ron Fleming

Dark Moons

Black Wood
9 1/2" h x 6 1/2" d

Eclipse by Ron Fleming


14" h, 8 1/2" d

Monstera by Ron Fleming


13" h x 13" d

Autumn Hues by Ron Fleming

Autumn Hues

Redwood lace burl
17" h x 11" d