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Steven Kennard

Steven Kennard started turning wood in England in the mid 1970’s. “Turning and carving have been an important part of my work since the mid ‘70s when I started working as a furniture maker and restorer.” He began turning boxes at the same time and immediately was drawn to the mystery inherent in them. "I constantly search for the perfect form, proportions and materials with which to create each piece. This makes the creative voyage one without an end, as each achievement draws me to the next. The encouraging aspect – the growth – means that I can look back at my earliest work from time to time, seeing in those designs the seeds of the present ones."

Steven has worked in England, France, the USA and Canada and has been selected for numerous awards. His work has been featured in many publications including “New Masters of Woodturning” and “New Masters of the Wooden Box”, Fine Woodworking etc. The Art Bank of Nova Scotia has purchased his work for their permanent collection.

The Show Must Go On! by Steven Kennard

The Show Must Go On!

Cherry, African blackwood & cocobolo
4.5" h x 3" d

Tower Box 3 by Steven Kennard

Tower Box 3

African blackwood, cocobolo & thuya root burl
7.5" h x 3.75" d

Celebration 3 by Steven Kennard

Celebration 3

African blackwood & cocobolo
4" h x 3 3/8" d