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Vic Wood

Vic Wood is an Internationally famous woodturner and a trained teacher with qualifications in Cabinet Making, Woodturning, and a Fellowship Diploma of Gold and Silver-smithing. He has taught in high schools to senior level in all areas of woodworking, and for 12 years was involved in training Secondary Art and Crafts student teachers in the major discipline of woodcraft. Vic has been widely involved in all areas related to wood. He was the convener of the first National Woodworking Conference of Australia and the Inaugural President of the Victorian Woodworkers Association.

Vic has travelled to England, Canada, U.S.A., New Zealand and throughout Australia teaching and demonstrating Woodturning. He has been a key-note speaker and demonstrator at numerous national and international symposiums etc. and judges many woodworking shows. He is the principal judge of the National Woodworking Show and the National Woodturning Exhibition, both held annually in Melbourne Australia.

Square Box by Vic Wood

Square Box

Huon pine
3"h x 4.5"w x 4.5"d