Xylem Gallery

William Hunter

My work is meant to spark an elusive emotion, awaken a memory, and explore the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of our lives. It is a meditative process of imagination, appraisal, and decision that springs from an idea and is put into motion. I use the vessel – humanity's oldest and richest metaphor – as a vehicle. Through subtractive sculpting and deconstruction, I'm building a visual language to express this emotional sub-context and elicit a contemplative response.

I've always been concerned with implied kinetics and giving my pieces a new life through the illusion of motion. Early on I started with texturing and light disc sculpting to manipulate surface in order to change the energy of the vessel, affecting the surface in an almost painterly way. Then I started sculpting deeper into the pieces, adding gesture to the surface treatments, which gave me more voices and new ways to allude to motion. 

Spiral Bowl by William Hunter

"Spiral Bowl" #205

Brasilian Rosewood
2"h x 4.25"d


Spiral Bowl on Stand by William Hunter

"Spiral Bowl on Stand" #230

Brasilian Rosewood
2.75"h x 4.5"w x 3"d