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Ed Moulthrop

Edward Moulthrop was born in 1916 in Rochester, New York, and brought up in Cleveland, Ohio. In the early 1970s he set aside his architectural career and became a wood turner full time. Moulthrop often used wood that earlier turners would have considered flawed. He frequently used wood that was diseased, struck by lightning, or streaked and discolored because of fungal growth. Such natural variations in the wood resulted in turned bowls with interesting patterns and colors. He sought to find shapes and finishes that revealed “the myriad complexities, the subtle or exotic range of colors, and the etching-like patterns of growth rings” in the wood. Also, Moulthrop’s method of treating wood allowed him to use pieces that otherwise might have been too fragile.

Untitled by Ed Moulthrop


Bowl by Ed Moulthrop


Ash Leaf Maple
11"h x 16"d