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Robert Cutler

Early in my career, I had a bit of experience doing ornamental ironwork, so I set up to do tables with iron bases and beautifully figured slabs of wood as tops. I busily went about breaking rules! My studio was a one car garage and I soon found that fire and sparks in a wood shop was not a well thought out idea so I shelved the iron work. I also loved glass work but again, not the best idea around wood chips. I wanted to create beautifully figured wood and metal objects with a perfect glass look but following the basic rules limited me. Now I had to start making new rules to accomplish it. My work's a culmination of years of experimenting with different mediums, developing finishes, creating new techniques and understanding the properties of many species of wood and how to best dry and utilize it for maximum beauty. My work is deliberate. I follow rules, and when they limit me I find a way to implement new ones.

A Wolf, the Night and a Moon by Robert Cutler

A Wolf, the Night and a Moon

Black walnut, silver maple, shed moose antler, bronze, mahogany, copper and silver
10"d x 5"h

River Run by Robert Cutler

River Run

Mahogany, myrtle wood, moose antler, copper, bronze and silver
6"d x 5"h